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'Just Six Numbers. The Deep Forces that Shape the Universe.'

      If I said that only six numbers has shaped you, me, us, and the entire universe, could you believe me? - Of course, I know you do not believe me. All in all, I don't believe in a book by Martin Rees' "Just Six Numbers. The Deep Forces That Shape the Universe," but after reading something has changed.

N = 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000
E = 0.007 Ω
Q = 0.00001
D (= 3)

       The numbers above, alone seem to be quite ... boring. But!, Together, they form a kind of ... everything? Surprising? Of course. These figures are very modest, but together they give the power that has shaped everything from billions of billions of seconds in the beginning until now.

      The value of N is very large. It expresses the ratio of electromagnetic forces that hold atoms together (and parts of atoms), of which we are built for running between the particles, the force of gravity.

     The second number-E defines the mutual binding of protons and neutrons in atomic nuclei. It defines the structure of all atoms in the universe. Since this value depends on the luminosity of the Sun, thermonuclear reaction, and their power.

     Omega is a measure of the density of matter in the universe. It is relatively small, it amounts to about 0.2 atom per cubic meter.

      Lambda is one of the biggest scientific news of 1998. It determines the expansion of the universe, even though we do not see it in any way known to us on a scale smaller than the size of the universe.
      Q is the ratio of the two basic forms of energy (if I understand this is a kinetic energy of the expanding universe and the gravitational energy).

      The last parameter is the number of D-spatial dimensions of our world (not counting the fourth dimension-time). Separately, they mean nothing, together, they give everything. Martin Rees.

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